Evan Holm

Evan Holm

Evan Holm joined Station to Station at the Oakland/SF Happening with his Submerged Turntables installation.

Oakland-based artist Evan Holm makes work dealing with the relationship between nature and technology, themes quite familiar to those living in the Bay Area. Originally trained as an engineer, he found himself making sculptures that seemed to call into question the conception of what a sculpture is.

One of Holm’s earliest commissions came at age 20 when he built a cast concrete bench that encircled a sapling. The bench will one day surround a great majestic tree, although Holm knew he would be long dead by then.

The fleeting quality of time is a constant in his projects, evident in a wall of fossils made from old vinyl records or his rendering of a stapler made from rust marks.

As Holm grew tired of more static pieces, he looked for ways that people could physically engage with his work, using found materials and his knowledge of engineering to create animate objects out of the inanimate, inventing pianos that draw pictures with ink when played and handmade clocks with pulley systems and spinning bike wheels that spew flour.

He recently performed at SFMOMA, submerging a turntable in a dark pool of water, commenting not only on the passage of time and obsolete technology but also on the destructive relationship between nature and machines.

The turntable effortlessly played music under water, forming ripple patterns that danced with the soundscape. The musical choices are obscure. Unfamiliar songs from decades past accompany the submerged pieces, and slowly a sense of both loss and missed opportunity took over the space.