Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning
Kubat & Billot

Olaf Breuning created site-specific smoke installations for the New YorkSanta Fe Barstow and Oakland/SF  Station to Station stops.

Olaf Breuning likes a good laugh and a good time. The New York–based Swiss artist pursues his sometimes clever, sometimes goofy, always eccentric vision through photography, sculpture, film, drawing and even painting, which he admits he’s not very good at.

But good or bad is rather beside the point here; the question is only which medium allows Breuning to flex his wit, whimsy and sense of play. His work runs the gamut from simplicity to spectacle — from crudely drawn cartoons to enormous photographs of naked women every inch of whose bodies have been covered in paint, each in the signature style of a very famous artist.

Since 2008, Breuning has been working with colored smoke bombs, setting up multi-tiered scaffolding and setting off a swirling, cloying cotton candy nebula. Lucky for us, Breuning will be creating new site-specific smoke bomb extravaganzas for Station to Station in New York, Barstow and Oakland/SF. Gaudy psychedelics unite!