The Train


The Cedar Rapids – The Interior

Dating back to 1948, the Cedar Rapids car was once a smoking lounge but now serves as a quiet, hangout car for Station to Station’s passengers. This is where some participants take naps (either on the built-in banquette or the Jorge Pardo–upholstered swivel seats). The views here are spectacular, and the sense of ease and elegance created by the vintage paneling and built-in accessories (fold-away shelves perfect for laptops) makes this an ideal workspace. The Cedar Rapids also contains Liz Glynn’s studio.


The Super Dome #53 – The Interior

Featuring near panoramic windows, Super Dome #53 serves as Station to Station’s dining car. On the lower level, Leif Hedendal and his team assemble the daily organic meals that sustain the journey. Up above, riders take in the amazing views as they sit by the Jorge Pardo–decorated tabletops. In the mornings, Super Dome #53 is flooded with light and animated with excited chatter.


The St. Croix Valley – The Interior

The St. Croix Valley is the Station to Station media car, also affectionately known to some as the Content Cave. Each built-in table (and not a few added for the journey) is taken up with desktop and laptop computers, mixing equipment, and other technology. The blinds are usually drawn, the better to see what’s on screen. Believe us, you haven’t lived until you’ve huddled over three video editors with coffee breath squinting at Final Cut Pro. We like it here.


The Wisconsin Valley – The Interior

The Wisconsin Valley is the Station to Station recording car. Outfitted with a full sound board and some incredible equipment from Moog, Rupert Neve Designs and SE Electronics, the recording car is home to Sam Falls’ window installations and hosts impromptu performances by traveling musicians like Thurston Moore and YOSHIMIO. The Wisconsin Valley is also the home of Olafur Eliasson’s amazing drawing machine, which continually draws the country with one line.


The Minnesota River – The Interior

Comprised of a series of private sleeper cars and roomettes, the Minnesota River accommodates Station to Station musicians, artists and staff. Naps here are highly sought after.


The Mohave – The Interior

The Mohave serves as the Levi’s car and features a Navajo theme, a vintage typewriter that sends tweets, as well as vintage books and found objects. Every day at 5:01pm the Levi’s crew hosts a happy hour.


The Silver Quail – The Interior

Originally built in 1952, the sleek, stainless steel Silver Quail houses the train’s hardworking crew.

The Taos – The Interior

More than a mere storage space, the second car in the Station to Station train is a rolling cabinet of curiosities. At various times during the journey, it’s held luggage, mountain bikes, amplifiers, crates of coconut water, Perrier and Kind bars. Lots and lots of Kind bars.


The Lambert’s Point – The Interior

The oldest car on the train dates back to 1914 and contains a suite of full bedrooms, one with a private bathroom, as well as a dining area and sizable balcony. No wonder this is the favorite car for presidential candidates on whistle stop tours and has housed Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and others.

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